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Pastor Tate's History

The Early Year's

When Jim Tate was 4 1/2 years old, he got polio. The disease paralyzed his right arm and left leg. His left leg was 1 1/2 inches shorter than his right. Therefore, he had a limp and was not able to play sports like the other boys. His experience of being different and having limitations at such a young age was used by God to develop a spirit of compassion. One of his greatest tools for ministry. His compassion has let all people know and feel that they are accepted and understood exactly as they are. It has also allowed him to see the good in everyone.

Jim's parents believed God would heal him and they refused to give him medicine for his polio. His family faced a lot of judgment and persecution for not treating his illness medically. And to everyone's surprise, Jim was healed from polio. All the children that received medical treatment for Polio during that time died.

Jim's doctor saw him at the Tailors being measured for a suit. His doctor couldn't believe his eyes. He asked if he was Jimmy Tate. Which was confirmed. Jim's doctor asked the Tailor if he could measure his legs. His doctor was shocked to find that both of Jim's legs were the same length. The doctor saw tangible evidence of his healing and was amazed.

Having experienced a supernatural miracle first hand, seeds of faith were planted into Jim's heart at a young age. Those seeds continued to grow and prepared him to become a Pastor overflowing with great faith. A contagious faith that spread to his congregants and continues to spread to all his life touches.

After being baptized in the Holy Spirit, Jim felt God prompting him to go to Bible School. He believed it would be for just one year to strengthen his faith. Being led by the Holy Spirit, he went back a second year and a third, and his final year.

The month before his commencement, the school experienced a revival that lasted 10 days. At the end of that season, on a Sunday morning, the Lord impressed Jim to remain in the chapel while the students went to lunch. On his knees, the Lord began to unfold a series of visions which ended in the Lord asking him, will you preach my word? Jim replied, "I would really rather not." The Lord asked the question a second and third time, to which he surrendered and said "I accept your will."

Before commencement, he had a call from the District Superintendent of the NY/NJ District of the Assemblies of God asking him to go to Beacon NY where 3 elderly individuals were asking for an AG church to be started. He went to Beacon after having preached only one time up until this point. When he went into the sanctuary in Beacon where services were to be held, Jim saw the huge old pulpit desk he saw in his vision back in the chapel at Bible school. This confirmed his call both to ministry as a Pastor and to Beacon.

1951 - 1956 Beacon, NY. (Pioneer Pastor)

At age 20, having just graduated from Eastern Bible Institute, Green Lane, PA. In May (‘51), I was called by 3 elderly individuals (all over 70 years of age) to pioneer an Assemblies of God church in Beacon, NY. God was very good to us, and after 1 1/2 years we had over 100 in attendance on Sunday mornings. In 1954 I was richly blessed with Arlene Rogenes becoming my bride. Our son Raymond was born while we were there. We rejoice that we are still involved with the life of this church who changed their name to Oasis Ministries and is now named Salem Tabernacle. They are presently involved in expanding their facilities and their vision of outreach to those outside Jesus’ love. Image Not Found

1956 - 1957 Cumberland, Maryland (assistant pastor)

For 1 3/4 years we served God as assistant to pastor Frank Fratto in the Central Assembly, Cumberland.
Our son Wayne was born while we ministered there. We opened a new church in Flintstone, MD. while we were there.

1957 - 1962 Trinity Assembly of God, Midlothian MD (Senior Pastor)
(a small village with a population of 302 people).

During our years of pastoring in Midlothian we saw the power of the local body becoming a 'team'. Our church grew and in 1960 we saw a Sunday morning attendance of over 500. We greatly enjoyed our years of ministry in this beautiful, rural community in the Allegheny mountains of western Maryland. Our daughter Laurie was born while we served at Trinity Assembly of God Image Not Found

1962 - 1970 - shock!!! El Bethel Assembly (Staten Island)

From a tiny rural community to one of the boroughs of NYC.

The nearly 8 years of ministry in El Bethel can be called years of 'Holy Spirit Outpouring'. It seemed that regardless of our teaching topic, people were baptized in the Holy Spirit! One result of this was that many young people were called by God into full time ministry. There are many of them still actively serving in their callings today. Image Not Found

During these years, Dave Wilkerson and his family moved from PA to begin the ministry of Teen Challenge, which is now a worldwide ministry. They made El Bethel their home and we were blessed to have them as a part of our church family.

In addition, John and Jenny Maxwell were sent out from our church as lifelong missionaries to Kenya, Africa. They served as ministers of outreach and youth before being sent out as missionaries.

1970 - 1982 Senior Pastor of Evangel Church, Elizabeth, NJ.

These were the years of the Jesus’ movement --- and years of great harvest in Evangel Church. The Jesus Movement was a revival of young people. Most of their parents did not have a personal relationship with Jesus. At this time, the Lord directed us to purchase a building in downtown Elizabeth which we turned into a coffee house named His Place. The nightly coffee house was an outreach tool that drew more youth to Christ. It also allowed the newly converted youths to meet other Christians and strengthen their walk with Christ. Three in house outreach bands that frequented His Place were The Brethren (our Youth Group leaders at the time), The Apostles (Pastor Tate’s two sons and friends) and Sonrise (The Colandrea brothers).

We went to two services on Sunday morning and within a year both of them were filled. Our Sunday evenings were the highlight of the week. The youth called it 'our partytime'. They would come around the front of the church and just worship and praise and enjoy Jesus!

Outstanding at this time was the bridge that God built for us to meet with all Protestant denominations as well as with our Catholic brothers and sisters. We held monthly meetings in the local High School. God dismantled walls of division and united our hearts as one in Christ Jesus. We sought land to build and settled on property in Scotch Plains, NJ, where a beautiful new facility was built. Image Not Found

1982 – 1999 Calvary Tabernacle, Elizabeth NJ (Senior Pastor)

In 1982 we returned to Elizabeth, NJ. from Scotch Plains and opened Calvary Tabernacle. This church today is now 4 congregations:

1. Calvary Tabernacle, Cranford, NJ.
Calvary Tabernacle began in Elizabeth, NJ and later purchased a building in Cranford, NJ. For the majority of Pastor Tate's time at Calvary Tabernacle his son Wayne served as Youth Group, Choir and Outreach minister. Pastors Norm Walters and Bob Shipman also assisted in Pastoring.

Outstanding in those years was the Outreach ministry on Broad Street in Elizabeth Twice weekly, an outreach band and evangelism team reached out to the community drawing may souls to Christ.

In 1999 Pastor Tate retired. Clem Salerno succeeded him as Pastor of Calvary Tabernacle. Clem was saved in 1981 under Pastor Tate's ministry in Evangel Church. He is assisted by Gary DePasquale, who was raised under our ministry in Evangel Church and Calvary. He is also the visionary to whom God is unfolding the 'House of Prayer' that is being developed at Calvary. The youth pastor was saved at age 12 in Calvary, Nick Badillo. All of the men are 'homegrown', and carry a single vision, to which they are unitedly devoting their lives.

Pastor Clem expanded the vision of Calvary Tabernacle by starting and overseeing the Harvest Training Center. This Apostolic Ministry equips and sends out kingdom-minded individuals to carry out their God given purpose and passion to serve the Lord.

2. Christ Fellowship, Elizabeth, NJ.
This church is being led by God to reach out to the large, needy city of Elizabeth. The founding Pastor was Gary Hartley. Christ Fellowship birthed a Spanish church that is now thriving under the direction of Raul Burgous.

On Friday evenings their youth meet in many groups all over the city, and they have had a total attendance on a Friday night of over 1000 youth in all of their meetings.

3. City Tribe Church - Juan Galloway
This church is growing, and dividing into another church. This is a unique and totally inner city approach to the gospel. God is blessing it with continued growth and success.

City Tribe Church is an outgrowth of 'The Hope Center', a vital everyday ministry that grew out of 'New York City Relief'. This ministry God birthed in the heart of Richard and Dixie Galloway. Calvary Tabernacle has been involved in the support of this ministry over the years. The Calvary Tabernacle members are often workers in these inner city outreaches.

4. IHOP Eastern Gate, Cranford, NJ
Pastor Gary Depasquale, who was part of Calvary’s leadership, is now leading IHOP Eastern Gate.


In 1999, Jim and Arlene moved to Voorhees, NJ be served under the ministry of their son, Ray, at Kingsway Church. While attending there, he and Arlene led a vibrant, FUN and Holy Spirit filled seniors ministry. The fullness of the Lord in them overflowed to the congregation making them an endless source of blessing to Kingsway Church. They also led a weekly home Bible study that grew to over 30 people in attendance.


In their aging years, Jim and Arlene moved to Lakewood, NJ to live near their son and daughter. They attended Life Chapel, where their son Ray Pastored at the time. They reconnected with many past parishioners who also attended Life Chapel. Jim and Arlene faithfully served over the seniors ministry. Additionally, they served as a source of wisdom and encouragement to the congregants who knew them. As Pastor Tate did in every home he resided, he never missed an opportunity to share the message of Jesus with his neighbors, anyone who entered his home, gas attendants, waitresses, and basically any person who crossed his path. It’s hard to imagine just how many souls have come to know Jesus as their Savior and Lord through him. All glory be to God!


Jim and Arlene moved to NC to live with their son, Wayne, and his wife Rachel. Due to aging, they could no longer live alone. The faithful and sacrificial love and care they receive from Wayne and Rachel is a priceless gift and provision from God. For Jim and Arlene, after faithfully and generously giving and giving to serve the Lord and represent his love to the world, it is a time to rest. During this season of life where most see it as a time of loss, they continue to cultivate a heart of trust, surrender and gratitude to God. Their words and attitudes continue to reflect Christ to the world. They see and speak of the goodness of God and his wonderful provision. It is rare to see God in skin so vividly as we have seen him in both of them!